Rebound/Magnet Device adjustment for Shoe Cabinet

Rebound/Magnet Device adjustment for Shoe Cabinet

You May Find that the rebound device- Your magnet piece

that firmly keeps the mirror doors in their place is not functioning accurately

1- could be that you find there is space between the magnet and the counter magnet piece on the mirror door

2- rebound/magnet device does not stay in its place and keeps popping out once you try to open or close the door


This is a new model rebound/magnet device which is self adjusting

1- there is a rotation nob which can be screwed to tighten or loosen which should resolve the issue of space between the door and the rebound device

2- The plastic panel which is mounted against the inside wall of the shoe cabinet long wood piece on which the rebound device is hooked onto-

you will either have to tilt the rebound device to a degree higher or lower so that when closing it meets the counter magnet part at a correct angle

the above to will be a solution to any problems you may be facing-

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